Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mei Xiang Fish Soup @ Berseh Food Centre (Jalan Besar)

Monday afternoon, a colleague said, let's go out somewhere to eat. He did not drive, so we would a cab. But where should we go??? Someone said Gayatri, long time no go liao. Then another said, Fish Soup at Jalan Besar. So, how did we decide where to go? I came out with this silly idea. We gonna hail a cab right? Indian driver, we go Gayatri, Chinese, we go Jalan Besar, Malay, we go Adam Road!

You so clever, sure guess which one came right?

We got dropped off right in front of the food centre. (What a name, must be so clean!) Berseh means clean in Malay.

Colleague queue up, I take photo. Always long queue, you wont miss it one.

This place only has dining in! No take away!
If you are able to see the sign, two sets. Black White Set meal or White Set Meal.

All 4 of us ordered the White Set meal. Meaning not fried fish, but all like in these pictures. Mr Recommender said he likes white set and we all listen to him lor.

Yes, we all loved it. The white rice looks very shiny when it arrived, looks very oily, but eat liao, no leh...

You should try if you are a fish soup lover.

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tigerfish said...

The fish just gone to the optician and test its eyesight? LOL! Look again and you know what I mean. Wahahah!

team bsg said...

aisayman , this soup we had in JB moons ago like that. But your one looks fairer and then may b berseh littlebit morer oso. when this thigy coming to KL ah ? know ah ?
we lourve fishy soups smell so familiar one

benita said...

Heh, on Tuesday a few colleagues and I wanted to go to Mustafa and decided to eat at Jln Berseh! BUT the Beijing restaurant across the road attracted us so we went over... The food's not bad and reasonably priced (for la mian). Try it one day!

P.S. Could you upload the video of us singing and send me :P

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