Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Green Room @ Bishan

One would not expect to have very nice food or tasty food at a organic cafe. But i was pleasantly surprised when i walked into 1 such cafe and tasted the food :)

Started with the Forest Mushroom Soup. Very mushroomy, no sight of creamy-ness and not even salty. Taste great!

Friend ordered the Crisped baked Vegetable Filo Pastry. It looks very healthy ya? It has carrots, spinach and mushroom wrapped in a filo pastry.

I ordered the Portabello Burger. Its marinated with balsamic vinegar and includes slow roasted red peppers. It's so yummy.

Have a look at the inside.

Finally, friend and i were still greedy. So we ordered a strawberry muffin to share. Here's how it looks inside after opening it up ;)

Its good to eat healthy once in a while :P

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Ming the Merciless said...

They don't look very appetizing actually.

Bring me a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken instead!!

xinyun said...

may i know which part of Bishan it's at? would like to try their strawberry muffin :)

Momo said...

This is place is @ Bishan Park itself. Next to Power Moves, the pilates studio. There is good parking places there too :)

Clara said...

This IS the cafe I've been looking for since my return to Singapore...thought there wasn't a decent vege. cafe at all on this tropical island.

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