Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cathay Restaurant @ The Cathay

Was on way to watch movie and wanted to catch dinner first. Friend suggested trying Cathay Restaurant as there was a Amex 1-for-1 promotion.

So here we are! There was a set menu for this promo and we just ate from it. All the dishes have fanciful names...aiyo. It was tough remembering them ;)

First dish soup - Braised Baby Superior Shark's Fin with Shark' bone Cartilage Soup

Here's the shark fin. (apologise to those who dont eat shark fin)

Second dish - Deep-fried Fillet of Sea Perch with Special Sauce

Third dish - Wok-fried Vension Cube with Black Pepper Sauce, served in mini golden cup

Fourth dish - Braised 8 head Abalone with Homemade beancurb

Last dish - Braised Green Noodles with Live Prawn and Egg White Sauce
Sorry, this came out really blur, so dont want to post it.

Total bill = $88++/ person. Will the 1-for-1, it came to about $50/ person


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