Monday, October 15, 2007

Are you up till 2am?

Been meaning to try this dessert place since i knew about its opening, just never got down to it. And finally when in Holland Village last friday, i bugged my friends to go, so off we went after dinner ;)

The "mains" are the desserts. While the "sides" are the savoury dishes that are suppose to make up for someone who would prefer something savoury.

We ate all "mains". This is called "Blueberry"

Followed by "Chocolate".

And we were greedy, and wanted more. So came "Twix".

Its really a nice place to chill out and talk to friends. Try it! And this place opened till 2am.

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benita said...

Psst, you didn't say what the place is called! Or is it called 2AM?

southernoise said...

this place is opened by Janice Wong, one of the contestant in a recent tv chef competition.

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