Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blanco Court @ Holland Drive Food Center

We were wondering what to eat for lunch, and we boarded bus 95 and ended up at the Holland Drive Food Center.

A few of us ate at the different stalls, and one colleague decided to eat at this stall. Blanco Court. It has some Live Eats! write up as well.

I stood there and the lady in the picture says what do you want? I said as long as not the intestines etc. haha... So she mixed up things for me.

Want to eat some too?

Colleague ordered the pig trotter.

This is what I ate. Egg, Tofu, Tao Pok, Meat and Kiam Chai.

Both of us chose rice instead of kway chap.

There was someone who left a comment and said he/she was sick of NUS food, come here :-)
Holland Drive food centre has some nice food.

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1 comment:

Ming the Merciless said...

I love "too kar pung"!! Don't get it here in NYC. :-(

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