Monday, October 22, 2007

Li Xiang Curry @ Dover Food Centre

Today's lunch was at Dover Food Centre again. Wondering what to eat, 2 of us decided to share share curry. Long time no eat this guy's curry liao...

We decided to share share, we ordered one curry vegetable.

and also one pork curry.

Then when we walk back to our table, another colleague walked towards the stall too! We caught him in time, and we had a triple sharing curry today.

This is the chicken curry.

3 curries with 3 plates of rice.

It was hot and really spicy too!
Yum yum... Total cost for all, $10.50

Any curry lovers out there?

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tigerfish said...

Count me in for curries!
The veg curry looks diluted though.

Ming the Merciless said...

Wow, not bad for 3 plates of curry & rice.

I love the yellow Indian/Malay curry a lot. But I absolutely adore Thai green curry.

Terence Koh said...

I love this stall's curry! I think they are the bomb! I used to work at Ayer Rajah and used to eat at this stall all the time. Do you know where they will be moving to? I too have heard about the en-bloc and am anxious not to lose sight of where this stall might move to...

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