Monday, October 29, 2007

Made In China @ Hua Song Museum / Haw Par Villa

It was a double makan yesterday, Japanese in the afternoon, and at night, we went to this place called Made in China at Haw Par villa. When was the last time you visited Haw Par Villa? For me, it must be when I was a little kid!

Anyway, when we reach, we were surprised. There's actually a Museum there as well, the Hua Song Museum. (In Praise of Chinese Musuem) While waiting for the food, you can take a walk round the museum and read about lots and lots of stuff, when you finish, the food's arrived!

What did we have?

Pickled lotus root, instead of peanuts on the table...

This soup is delicious. I am not sure how long they prepared the stock, but the Fish Maw Bisque is good. We had 9 people, but shared 5 bowls. $30

This is prawns with pumpkin sauce. Hey, it is delicious! Very!
With fried lotus root rings and strawberry. Very light tasting. $48

Aunt says she has not had this for the longest time, so we had 'serng puah chee' in hokkien or Yam Abacus. $27

This is Xue Yi - Cod in Teriyaki Sauce. It is nicely done and it put over a bed of egg white. $48
My sis and aunt says it looks a bit like Kong Bak. haha....

The Special Tofu with Mushrooms. Many types off mushroom and the tofu is delicious. $27

This is one whole Crispy Chicken. Not the dry type, but it is absolutely juicy and skin crispy. The meat is very tender. $36

This might look plain, but it is one of their famous dishes. Bee Hoon that has been braised in Sharksbone and Crab. You got to try it to know the taste. We have it served in individual bowls. $36

We absolutely enjoyed the meal, the tour and also celebrating bro's return, aunt and uncle's wedding anniversary and also uncle's birthday. So many lump into one. 7 adults and 3 kids. Approx $30 and very good food and very filling. Good place to bring your foreign friends too!

Oh ya, this is an interesting place. As usual when we pay, we always ask, which card has discount. Interestingly, the lady says everyday diff card. Mon-Fri, you get discounts if you use OCBC, weekends it is HSBC, UOB, Citibank.

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HairyBerry said...

the beehoon looked interesting...what's below the cod fish? rice? nice pics, btw :)

Unknown said...

Below the cod dish is a bed of soft fluffy egg white.

Thanks! They look and taste nice as well. hehe...

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