Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hami Melon, Mangoes and Hawthorn

Last Sunday, we had a sumptuous dinner at our aunt's place. There was some relatives that was visiting, so it was a big dinner.

After dinner we had lots of fruits. We had grapes that was very sweet.
We also had this big Hami Melon. Yup, I was the one that was cutting it.

Not sure how you cut it, but it was so huge, so I cut them this way.

Because aunt knows that one of her niece loves mangoes, so there was lots of mangoes!

Do you like to eat the seed portion? I do!

And this... I forgot what it is.. But it tasted good.
I think it's what Haw Flakes are made of. So, these should be Hawthorn.

We all love fruits, do you?

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1 comment:

PinkHippo said...

I am crazy for fruits...I love cherries, grapes need to be sweet and crispy, japanese melon from Isetan taste great too! :)

I think the name of the last picture is called "winter dates" ... :)

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