Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mooncakes - Dragon Phoenix Restaurant

Wishing all of you a very Happy Mid Autumn Festival.

Here's my final installment of 6 of the many mooncakes that colleagues and I have enjoyed these few weeks. I hope you have enjoyed reading about it too.

This bag was brought into our office by our boss. We were wondering why is he carrying such a huge bag. He said another box of mooncakes from our vendors.

In such a big bag? Yes! It was the most elaborate box we have this season!

Mooncakes - Dragon Phoenix Restaurant

The mooncakes are from Dragon Phoenix Restaurant.
They are courtesy of one of our vendor, IBM Singapore.

Dragon Phoenix is opened by one of the "4 Heavenly Chefs" of Singapore, Mr. Hooi Kok Wai.
(Mr Hooi and the other 3 heavenly chefs were said to have created the Lunar New Year Yu Sheng).

Mooncakes - Dragon Phoenix Restaurant

There's a big long red box inside the bag.

Mooncakes - Dragon Phoenix Restaurant

4 boxes of mooncakes inside the elaborate box.
We thought it was some case for a sword!

Mooncakes - Dragon Phoenix Restaurant

Inside the small boxes were the mooncakes.
It was different from other mooncakes because there was no plastic that covered the individual mooncake. It was also not as 'pretty' though. It's handmade the box says.

Mooncakes - Dragon Phoenix Restaurant

As the mooncakes were not individually wrapped in plastic, when we opened the box, the smell of the mooncakes fills the room. All four boxes were the traditional mixed nuts mooncakes.

Taste wise, people who ate it either loved it or hated it.

The smell is rather strong to me, but I think it is quite all right.
It was not love at first bite though, it was only after the third bite that I began to appreciate it.

Mooncakes - Dragon Phoenix Restaurant

We saw this interesting explanation about mooncakes on the box.
We always thought that the freshly baked ones are the best. These folks beg to differ.

Mooncakes - Dragon Phoenix Restaurant

I think folks in our office have enough of mooncakes.

There are other brands/flavours in our various home! I still have some Lotus Paste with Ginseng mooncakes from Peach Garden Restaurant at home. Interesting flavour eh? Mum also made some snowskin ones! We finished mummy's mooncakes long ago!

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Edith - Chandelier said...

Looks great! Makes me hungry just looking at it.

Jer Lin said...

my mooncakes from shang palace tasted nicer after being left to age for a few days! (:

Miso said...

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you and your family!! :)
Eh.. You took out the restaurant labels from your blog? Thought those labels are quite useful :D

Camemberu said...

So many mooncakes you all had! :D

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