Friday, September 26, 2008

Thai Cuisine Workshop with Chef Yong @ The People's Association Community Centres

Guess what I did last weekend? I attended a cooking workshop! Sis, Momo, Camemberu and Southernoise and I registered for Chef Yong's cooking workshop at Ulu Pandan Community Centre.

Sis and I watch "The Asian Food Channel" (on Starhub TV Channel 69 for those in Singapore, Astro Channel 703 for those in Malaysia) a bit too often and we always wanted to be in the audience of the cooking shows! You know how the chef and the co-host will always "it smells so good", "how marvelously fragrant" etc... and you NEVER get to smell it! Or when the audience gets to taste the food, you get jealous because you don't get to eat it!

This is our chance to try it! Chef Eric Low, (his pen name = Chef Yong) is quite a famous guy in the Chef circle in Singapore. We are going to see the Chef in action and try the food he cooks too!

This is the Chef in action.

The first dish we were taught: Thai Grilled Beef Salad.
Oh, this is so so delicious. I had double portions.

Chef explained everything from how it's eaten in Thailand, where to get Thai ingredients in Singapore etc... You will really be impressed with his knowledge. We were told this salad is eaten with steamed glutinous rice. So here's the beef salad served with the glutinous rice. (the rice is hidden behind the salad)

The second dish he taught was Thai Squid Cakes with Pineapple Salsa.
This is Chef Eric preparing the squid cakes.

The squid cakes are dipped with breadcrumbs.

The next step was deep frying them.

He makes enough for everyone and some extra for seconds too!

The pineapple salsa that he made in our presence.

Pour over the fried squid cakes and it's ready. Tada!
I will adapt his recipe to reduce some ingredients to make it less salty. Our family is a bit too sensitive to salt ;-)

The third dish he taught was Pineapple Fried Rice.
I was wondering how to cook this at home! I do not have such a big wok! No big hawker style big burner fire too! LOL...

Sis and I realised that our tongue's not tuned to fish sauce yet. We did not grow up with fish sauce so we might use less of this ingredient and also oil if we follow the recipe at home. That's chef splashing fish sauce into the rice.

The finished product. Garnished with fried basil, pork floss and toasted cashew nuts.

You can view Chef Yong's blogs at:

Visit my dear friend Camemberu's blog for her experience at this cooking workshop.

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Kenny Mah said...

Wah, so next time I drop by Singapura, you can whip up some Thai dishes for me, rite? Hehe.

diAnO said...

the Thai Grilled Beef Salad look really yummy, can share the recipe? can email me @ Thanks


backStreetGluttons said...

ah the keropokman finally will cook for the yearning public at last, soon

JENCOOKS said...

Keropok that was nice sharing from your class. Like the squid patty with the salad and may try it out.

Unknown said...

Sure sure :-)

Let me find the recipe and email to you.

LOL. BSG can start cooking too!

Nice to eat it freshly fried. ;-)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Wah liao...I wanna try that beef salad....looks really yummy. Must see if I can whip it up too.

Anonymous said...

me too kerapok man, I am dying for the recipe for the beef salad! can you either post or email me too? I'd be much obliged! That looks like a great class...

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