Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Old Town White Coffee @ Chun Tin Court

Was with a few friends having 'supper' at OldTown at Upper Bukit Timah area. We had dinner earlier and at 8:45 pm, quickly drove back to my place so that the TV addicts in the group can catch the Little Nyonya on Channel 8. (We watch this show because of the food, really! LOL)

Then at 10pm when the show ended, we went to OldTown to have coffee and chit chat.
Pardon the dark pixelated photos. We were seated at a 'cosy' corner. hehe...

The ice 'Xi Mut' / 'stockings' tea.

The Nanyang Memorably coffee. (yeah, funny name right?)

The kaya and butter toast that we had.

We saw ice cream toast and could not resist.
It's a nice combi.

We were about to leave when we got a call from Doc Cheng. (He asks where were we and he is coming.) So, we thought we better order more things or else we would be occupying an empty table. So we ordered two "Ice Fire Polo Bun".

It's the name that aroused our curiosity. We wonder huh? "Si Mi Lai" eh?
This is it! Hot warm bun with...

Cold butter melting inside..

I find it ok, but momo says not nice.
So, when Doc Cheng arrived, he asked what's there to eat, we told him, try the polo bun. He ordered the tea with another toast..

We noticed that the Doc (who comes from HK), flattens the polo bun with the fork. When asked, why, he says, that's how it's eaten in HK. Ohh......

He says good polo bun have the top layer that comes out easily, so you got to press and flatten the bun so that it stays. When we ask him how this one taste, he says, quite ok. But the closer version is the one from Crystal Jade.

OldTown White Coffee
Chun Tin Court
9 Yuk Tong Avenue
Singapore 596314

Tel: 64674404
Hours: 8:00 - 12 midnight daily

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red fir said...

Polo bun my absolute favorite with cold melting butter...mmm... CJ's version not too bad I agree. You should give the polo bun from Leung Sang HK Pastries a try! I think it's nicer. :) heh the top crust of this polo bun in the picture's still intact!

I'm addicted to Little Nyonya too lol.

Unknown said...

Me yearning for a full fledged Tok Panjang! LOL...

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