Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Log Cake from Marriott Hotel

Tonight, we met up with our mates from Melbourne - a group of Malaysians/Singaporeans who studied together for Year 12/Foundation Studies and went around holidaying, cooking, hunting for food together for 3-4 years and eventually all settled here in Singapore.

Sis and I could not make it to the last two monthly makan sessions we still have. So it was good that we could meet up for the December outing. We met at the Choo's this month.

After dinner we had log cakes. Yup, plural. Not one but two of them!

The first was a cake the Wongs bought from Marriott.

Marriott Hotel Singapore Log Cake box

Look! Choo Junior is telling his mummy he wants that cake!

Marriott Hotel Singapore Log Cake

The cake's quite nice. Moist and chocolaty.

Marriott Hotel Singapore Log Cake

The next photo is the piece I ate.

Looking at the cake, sis and I suddenly remembered our hostel desserts while staying in Melbourne. We suddenly thought of Choksi, the chef that prepared our weekday food at the University Residences that we stayed in. He made wonderful cakes and desserts.

Choksi was a chef at Hilton (he told us that, we did not verify it. hahaha) before he joined the Catering services company that provided our meals at the residences. His mains were mostly so so, but his cakes and desserts is 95% good! One of the cakes we particularly like was the Black Forest cake that he made. The amount of cherries or berries that he had in the cake sure was generous! (compared to the one in the photo. lol)

Marriott Hotel Singapore Log Cake

Singapore Marriott Hotel
320 Orchard Road
Singapore 238865

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" NoBoDy " said...

owh im cravin for tat cake

Unknown said...

it was delicious!
feel like having some more now...

but from other places... ;-)

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