Friday, December 12, 2008

Megabites @ NUS Science Canteen

This was today's lunch. We saw a mini poster outside Megabites about some promo set meals. Soup, Fries, Butter Rice, Chicken pieces with a choice of 3 sauces @ $3.90

Sounds like not bad a deal, so colleagues and I went straight in.
This is my lunch for today.

My lunch

Two other colleagues ate the same thing. All three of us had the different sauces that goes with it.

Colleague's lunch

The soup.

The mushroom soup

I had the sweet and sour sauce. (Honey something).
The other two were Teriyaki and Thai Chilli.

Guess what sauce?

It's so so food, but it was filling and affordable.

Something we noticed though. "Old Cat" was telling us that while he was queue for his food, he noticed that there's this person in front of him that was being very difficult, wanted to change the vegetables, soup changed and this and that.

But he noticed that the person serving still had a happy face and was just did what the customer wanted. We shall see if they are like this the next time we visit. I think they score points here!

Megabites Cafe @ NUS
S16 Level 1
Science Drive 1
Singapore 117543

Tel: 6775 1383

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dilutedmagnetics said...

Ate this for dinner. H tarpau'ed it home for me :)

Unknown said...

Tapow home still nice?

We prefer it without the sauces. LOL
We ate it with tartare sauce instead. ;-p

dilutedmagnetics said...

Not bad leh. The servers had thoughtfully cut off one of the corners of the plastic takeaway tub - so that the food wouldn't get soggy :)

Unknown said...

So clever of them. I am beginning to think that their service is not bad...

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