Thursday, December 18, 2008

Breakfast @ Home

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But I seldom post what I eat for breakfast. It's because it's usually muesli bars. (how boring right?)

But for yesterday and today, I had something a bit different. Sis is on some healthy diet programme, where she is eating 6 little healthy meals for a day. All her food is sodium free this whole week!!!

Since she's preparing these meals, her two brothers get to eat them too. :-)

Sodium free breakfast. Baby Spinach, Strawberries, no-oil egg, turkey pattie.
Yesterday's version.

Turkey Patty, Egg, Strawberry and Baby Spinach

This morning's version.

Turkey Patty, Egg, Strawberry and Baby Spinach

There's so many kinds of spices in the pattie that makes it smell so good. But when you put it in your mouth, something's missing! No salt! LOL... But it taste quite nice when you slowly train your tongue to taste the various spices added into it.

Maybe I will update this post with the turkey pattie recipe if anyone's interested.

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m0n pEt!t said...

looks appetizing... anyhow, what do you mean by no-oil egg? Cook it without oil? And the fresh baby spinach, raw?

♥ MissyCher ♥ said...

The turkey pattie look so yummy! Share the recipes lehz.

Kenny Mah said...

That looks super healthy... if not overly tasty lah. But I agree, once one gets used to the taste, sure can one. I just admire your sis for getting up early enough to prepare all that! :D

red fir said...

Breakfast for the champions! But where's the carbs? Need some balance! =)

HairyBerry said...

wow! lucky you! sodium-free summore! i'm so jeles..hehehe...

dilutedmagnetics said...

I also want to ask leh: how to fry an egg without oil? I mean, you can use a teflon pan, but you still need some oil mah. I've been cooking breakfast for H and G everyday now because I don't want them to end up having breakfast at Big M's, and I cringe every morning when I pour cooking oil into the pan. LOL!

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