Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dinner @ Aunt's Kitchen

Every other weekend or so, the whole extended family will meet at Aunt's place for dinner. Aunt and her sis will whip up some dishes for the rest of us to enjoy. I have not taken food photos at her kitchen for some time, and this is last weekend's dinner. :-)

The pork leg and sea cucumber dish. It was served in two bowls. One bowl with all the lean meat.

The other bowl with the 'fattier meat'. LOL.
Everyone in the family got own preference.

With a bottle of her homemade sambal sauce ready, cooking the sotong dish is easy. Just have to control the fire and dish it up before everything turns rubbery. Yummm...

This soup is very tasty. Aunt boiled it for a few hours and we all loved the soup. Chicken feet, corn, carrots, ginger and some pork. 80% of the people eating dinner loves chicken feet. :-) Especially the ones that melts in your mouth when you put them in.

You can try this at home. Chicken feet at the market sells for around $4 a kilo only at the wet market.

The steamed fish.

The veg photos are missing again. I must have forgotten to take it again. LOL..
Enjoy your week.

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Camemberu said...

WHOA! Pig trotters! I LUVS! Can you ask your Aunt to open a real kitchen/restaurant? Or at least share her ter kah recipe? :P I neber cook before...

alicesg said...

Home cooked food is the best. I always love to visit my eldest sister, she is such a great cook.

Unknown said...

I will ask her for the recipe :-)

Yes, home cooked food is more nutritious and heart warming. I eat too much outside food liao. sigh...

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