Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Log Cake from Getel

This is the second cake we had on the same night last Saturday. The second cake was from Getel. Thanks to the Joethy's for this cake.

The cakes looks different, but do you realise the plastic trees, santa, reindeer looked the same as Marriott's! The exception is the little snow man that's really cute eh?

Christmas Log Cakes from Getel

Half of us preferred this cake compared to Marriott's. We think Getel's richer in taste and also more chocolaty. I ate two slices of this. *grin*

Christmas Log Cakes from Getel

I never heard of this shop until we ate their cake last Saturday night. Anyone out there tried other cakes from this shop?

Christmas Log Cakes from Getel

17 Jasmine Road
Signapore 576585

Tel: 6282 1310 / 9627 0836

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Unknown said...

getel rings a bell, where's jasmine road? haha. and wow, you eat so many log cakes. i haven had one for the longest time i remember, but going to get one next week. hahahaha

Unknown said...

Jasmine Road is behind/near Thomson Plaza.

It just happen that we had two cakes. Lots of calories though. LOL...

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