Monday, December 01, 2008

Ikea Dining @ Ikea Alexandra

It's furniture shopping days these few weeks. Our family moved to a new place recently and we have been very busing packing and unpacking.

Two days ago, we ordered some furniture from the Scanteak warehouse sale in the morning. In the afternoon, we continued our furniture shopping at Ikea. At Ikea we were surprised that the "Kitchen showroom" came alive. Ikea ladies were baking! The whole place had a wonderful aroma because they were making/baking Swedish Gingersnap, Swedish Cinnamon Buns and Swedish Soffron Bun. We tried some and they were delicious too.

After spending a few hours looking at measurement, deciding on colour, we decided to break for dinner at the Ikea Restaurant. What did we have?

Brother and I had the Christmas Hot Plate Set that was on special at $10. (Usually $15 plus). The hot plate consists of 3 slices of Ham, a carving of Turkey, some carrots and potatoes and a bun. The turkey's looks a bit dry outside, but it was juicy inside though.

The set also comes with soup and (another) bun.

It also comes with a little Christmas log cake and tea/coffee. The cake's very moussey and chocolatey. (If there's such a word. haha)

Momo and sis had the Ikea Local meals instead. Local meal set was Nasi Briyani for Saturday.
(Oh, the chicken wing you see is additional)

Ikea Restaurant @ Alexandra
317 Alexandra Road,
Singapore 159965

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Kenny Mah said...

IKEA Local? Hey, we don't have that here in KL... :(

Then again, I prefer their Swedish meatballs... Juicy... ;)

天然パーマンTENNEN PARMAN [from Japan] said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post. I would say that this singapore shopping directory offers a lot of selections too. Might be useful for you or your readers.

dilutedmagnetics said...

The briyanni looks good. But I would rather eat at Anchor Point lor... more variety mah.

lzs said...

I feel their christmas hot plate not very hua. A few miserable pieces of meat. It is like a kid's meal :) (Okay, upsized kid's meal.)

Unknown said...

The Swedish meatballs in KL and SG is different. Hehe.. I think the ones in KL is halal, but the ones in SG, is mix of beef and pork. You might want to try and see the diff :-)

tennen parman,
Thanks :-)

But some people still like to Q at Ikea, like me sometimes. LOL...

the most 'hua' one is the local meals. We tried it because we saw a $5 off. LOL...

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