Monday, December 22, 2008

Suan Thai @ Liang Court

An email was bouncing around a few friends to meet up for dinner. After a few bounces, we settled on trying Suan Thai at the newly refurbished Liang Court.

We were tempted with the 28 diff dishes at $20.99 ++ on Mon-Thu for the Standard Menu. (There's a Budget and a Standard menu with $3 difference) We also asked if there's any difference between the dishes served if they are a-la-carte. Yes we were told. If you order a-la-carte, there's more spices and herbs in the dishes, the buffet ones they omit some of it. Hmm... anyway, we just took the buffet. :-)

Suan Thai entrance at Liang Court

We tried to try most things in the menu, maybe around 75% of it only. We had I think it was 8 of us, but we ordered things for 4 persons portion for most of it. We did not want to stuff ourselves silly.

Lighting's a bit too 'romantic', so many photos came out blur. Here's some of them.

The Green Mango Salad. Quite good.

Green Mango Salad

The Pomelo Salad.

Pomelo salad

Thai Baby Kailan with salted fish.

Thai Baby Kailan with salted fish

Some of the items on the menu had an asterisk. This meant it can only be ordered once.
This Thai Style Chicken Satay is one of the order once item.

We realised that the dishes with asterisk all taste better. But too bad, they are all 'ordred once' item. sigh...

Thai Style Chicken Satay

The soft shell crab.

Deep Fried soft shell crab

The stuff chicken wings.
One of the asterisk dishes.

Boneless stuffed Chicken Wings

Fried Tofu with Thai chilli sauce.

Deep Fried beancurd with Thai chilli sauce

Chicken Wrapped in Pandan Leaves. Also an asterisk item.

Chicken Wrapped in Pandan leaves

We had a friend who is a lala lover. We had many orders of this. LOL...

Lala with Thai Chilli Paste

The Tomyam soup's quite nice too. It was fun to meet up with this bunch of friends.

Oh, we had a surprise birthday for one of our friends. We bought a few pieces of cakes from Canele and the staff at Suan Thai was kind enough to give us candles. Happy Birthday SY!

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Camemberu said...

Hey I wanted to try this place too. Is it worth going? :P

KopiKosongGirl said...

I think if you order a-la-carte the food would be better and tastier too :-)
On the buffet menu, there were asterisk dishes, which means order only once. Those were really good. The ones without asterisk were so-so.

Kenny Mah said...

"Asterisk dishes." LOL

Ah, if only life was filled only with asterisk dishes... ;)

Unknown said...

life for beginners should have asterisk to help the beginners. LOL

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