Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thai Express @ Holland Village

We gave our boss a surprise a few days ago. It was his birthday and we treated him out for lunch. We all headed to Holland Village in 2 cars and we were deciding which restaurant to go to.

We ended up at Thai Express. I think it was because someone wanted Thai Food. So the feasting begins. We decided that each will order their own main meal and we will order a few things to share.

This is the mango salad. $6.90. Always an appetizer that makes you hungrier!

Mango Salad

We wanted to have 2 mango salad, but we saw this sticker on the menu that says DBS card members get a free dish. We asked what it was and was told, it was a papaya salad. So, we swapped one mango salad to the papaya salad instead. :-)

Papaya Salad

This is the Crispy Drumlets. $13.80
Looks delicious and taste delicious too!


Prawn Toast. $13.80
Not a fan of deep fried toast. But colleagues who love deep fried stuff sure loved it.

Prawn on Bread

Phad Thai Beef. $10.90
This was a shared item. Boss wanted to try this as well. I personally like this.

Beef Noodle

Dpuk had the Special Fried Rice. It's suppose to be really spicy. But he said it wasn't. We think there's something wrong with his taste buds. LOL

Tomyam Fried Rice

The Phad Thai Seafood. $19.80
It looks tempting doesn't it?

Pad Thai

Almondjelly had Chye Poh Kway Teow. $9.90
But she said Chye Poh's too little. haha... But I think she mentioned it was not bad.

Pad Thai

Ex Ms Preggy had the Beef Soup. $10.90
Usually you get clear broth elsewhere, but this has dark broth and Ms Preggy says it is good.

Beef Noodle

ZS had the Softshell Crab Glassnoodles. $13.90
His dish came in a pot. How different. :-)

Softshell Crab

This dish sounds really potent. It's called Fire Noodles. $9.90
Call the fire brigade! LOL

Spicy Noodles?

This is what I had. Yellow Ginger Chicken. $9.90
When I ordered this, the order taker warned that it's very very spicy. I thought how spicy can ginger be? When it came, help! It's so so so spicy, your tongue's numb! Everyone had a try and agreed it was potent. So if you want some challenge next time, order this!

It's quite delicious if you can take the heat.

Ginger Chicken

Was a nice and very full lunch.

ThaiExpress @ Holland Village
16 Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277677

Tel: 6466 6766

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Noodlegirl said...

So delicious!

Jazzy said...

it's simply so difficult to decide which one looks the most delicious.
you made me very hungry now ;)
bon app├ętit!

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