Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Dinner @ Uncle and Aunt's

This is our family's Christmas Dinner that we had on Monday night. Monday nights? Yes, our dinners are scheduled around our Church activities. There's rehearsals and the actual Christmas Eve services that most of us are involved in.

Our relatives from Malaysia could not join us this year due to the clash of activities in their church as well. LOL. The little ones were a bit disappointed that there were fewer kids around to make noise.

Here's the turkey that aunt baked. For the last few years, it has always been freshly baked turkey and no more ordering from turkeys from shops that baked them the day before.

Annie's Turkey

The baked whole salmon, with teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds.

Baked Salmon with Terriyaki and Sesame Seeds

Garlic bread... to go with the French Onion Soup.

Garlic Bread

The French Onion Soup.

French Onion Soup

The coleslaw.


The Mango Salad that's super spicy!

Mango Salad Thai Style

Prawn cocktails with two different kinds of dips. This is one of them.

Peeled Prawn with Curry Mayo

The black peppercorn ham and pineapple.

Black Peppercorn Ham and pineapples

The baked pasta.

Baked Pasta

The broccoli. We look at this and called it "Ikea Style" broccoli. lol

Broccoli "ikea style"

After dinner, we had an assortment of fruits. The kids had them with a chocolate fondue.
If you are wondering, no that's really 2 plates and not mirror image. haha..

Fresh Fruits after dinner

Plus a hazelnut log cake from Bengawan Solo.

Log cake from Bengawan Solo

It was a fabulous dinner. The above food were prepared by a few people, but bulk of it by aunt.

If you realize some photos are yellowish other more whitish, that's because some were taken at the dinner table, while some in the kitchen. :-)

We were all busy getting the food ready, so the ones that we missed taking in the kitchen, we had to take it at the dining table which had the warmer lights.

Have a Blessed Christmas.

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Fen said...

Merry Christmas to u...

Wow, that is quite a huge feast...

red fir said...

Merry Christmas KPM! Feast for the champions! :)

Sim Beatrice said...

How I wish I had an aunt that's as good a cook as yours! Those food looks absolutely mouthwatering!!!

cat_aunty said...

WOW your aunt is a Superwoman!!!!

Chinese said...

Wow.. you made me very hungry.. great photos !!!

alicesg said...

Merry christmas to you and your family. Can I borrow your aunt for next year christmas...hehehe. The turkey looked so delicious and yummy.

Unknown said...

Hi all,

Merry Christmas to you all too!

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