Friday, December 26, 2008

Mega McSpicy, Cornetto Chocolate Mcflurry @ Mcdonalds

While everyone's out squeezing themselves in the shopping malls, the people in our household were sleeping till past 12 noon! We sleep quite a lot, our friends know about it. :-)

After waking up late, we thought we would clean up the house. But we ended up watching "Monks Marathon" on TV! (plus eating Curry Puffs we bought for tea) We were very glued to TV that we did not clean up the house. Before we knew it, it was 8 pm!

Wondering what to eat, bro said "let's go try the Mega stuff at McDonalds". He wanted to try it for some time, but never stepped into McDs. So we walked to the nearest McDonalds and had our Mega McSpicies. Bro and I had the double deck spicy chicken burger - the Mega McSpicy. Sis did not fancy it and had the Filet-O-Fish.

The McSpicy was quite big!

Mega McSpicy

We had the set meals that came with packs of fries. Bro is a Carl's Jr fries fan, so he was 'complaining'. But we still ate it. :-p


I was tempted by the big signs alluring me to try the new Cornetto Chocolate Mcflurry!
Yielded to temptation. sigh..

Cornetto Chocolate Mcflurry

Very very chocolaty. But it melts very quickly.

Cornetto Chocolate Mcflurry

Do you enjoy having 'junk food' like I do?

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alicesg said...

No thanks to junk (Sign of old age). You eat same as my sons.

Unknown said...

Old meh? No lah....
Eat junk food to feel young lah :-)

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