Friday, December 19, 2008

Koryo (Korean) Restaurant @ Fusionopolis

Colleagues and I were wondering what to have for lunch. We wanted to have Indian food, because two lunch buddies who don't really fancy Indian food's on leave.

We thought there's a new Khansama that's opened in Fusionopolis, but we seem to have made a mistake, so we ended up having Korean food instead.

Fusionopolis is so empty! On our way there, all the employees with their A*Star cards seems to be walking out of the building. We are the only people going in! LOL

The front of the shop

Anyway, we ordered our food and the Korean side dishes came out.
Here's the peanuts in sweetish soy sauce. It's quite delicious.


The cabbage kimchi.

Cabbage Kimchi

The cucumber kimchi. I like the crunchiness of it.

Cucumber Kimchi

The bean sprouts. We had refills of all the above. We finished them up before our mains came!

Bean Sprouts

"Old Cat" and the former "Ms Preggy" had the Beef Soup.
They said the soup's tasty, just a tiny bit spicy, beef's ok, but the vege inside is not nice. LOL..

Beef Soup

The rice in stainless steel bowls that came with it.


Dpuk had the Spicy Chicken Bap. Quite fragrant too.

Chicken Bap

Wire and myself, we had the Beef Bap. The beef's not too bad. I like it with the kimchi side dishes.

We find the rice floating on the soupy base quite 'interesting'. ;-)

Beef Bap

Wire wanted something spicy and fiery. So we decided to share a piping hot bowl of kimchi soup. It's sour and spicy. Nice..... Really nice....

Spicy Kimchi Soup

Not only that, there's lots of the 3-layer pork like this inside too....

The meat!

When we finished everything, they gave us this sweet soup thingy. We were all wondering what it is. Dpuk mentioned that is looks like water that you get after rinsing rice. haha...

We came back and did an online search. He's almost correct. This is ShikHye, a sweet rice drink. This is the simplest version. You can do an online search and find more elaborate versions of it.

Dessert  - Shikhye

A not too bad discovery. Everything above with taxes added in was $75.33. So split it amongst the 5 of us, it was $15 each.

Think they only opened this month.

Koryo (Korean) Restaurant
1 Fusionopolis Way
Singapore 138632

Tel: 6469 1079
Hours: 11 am - 9 pm

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backStreetGluttons said...

we thoz all were so healthy, then came the 3 layer so delicious looking got the sake onot?

Kenny Mah said...

Does sorta look like rice-rinsing water leh... LOL

alicesg said...

I spend 8 days in Korean with kimchi for three meals daily until I am so scared of kimchi

dilutedmagnetics said...

Eh... the Khansama's open at the BIOPOLIS lar - Biopolis Phase II.

Anyway, you were at my turf leh! I was thinking of eating at the Korean restaurant too, but someone told me to wait a week more - so tha the we know the water supply's alright, you know? *wink* *wink*

BUT, since you ate there and you're fine, I guess I can visit them really soon. LOL!

Unknown said...

Know you want to eat that 3 layer thingy as well right? :-)

There's this brand of cosmetic that says it has this ingredient called Pitera made from rice.

Hmmm We might get beautiful skin because of this drink? (even if it's rice water... ) LOL

I want to go Korea and see see one of these days. Mum said the same thing about Kimchi when she went with Dad. But I dun mind eating them. ;-)

Yes, was at your turf! LOL
So confusing where Khansama is...

Hmmm you all got water supply problem ah? But we turn out fine. Water served was clean, clear and tasted quite normal. LOL

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