Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ga-Hock Seafood @ Upper Bukit Timah Road

It has been some time since our family came to Ga-Hock Seafood. It's one of the Zhi Char places that is quite 'economical', especially if you have a whole clan to feed. LOL..

This was Sunday night's dinner. If you are coming here, it's recommended that you call them and book first. The queue might be very long if you don't. It's famous for its crabs, but we were not interested in crabs that night. :-)

Here's our dinner:
A big claypot of Curry Fish Head. It's my bro and my favourite. The sauce just keeps us going. :-) That's deep fried "tau kee" (soy bean) skin above.

Curry Fish Head

The shrimp paste chicken. It's a bit overdone tonight though.

Shrimp Paste Chicken wings

The "Pai Ku Wang" / Pork Ribs King. I like this.

Pork Ribs King

Veg dish. I realise aunt's sis did not ask for lard this time. Hmm. Aunt's sis loves lard pieces and yet is so so so super skinny. (some people are born with special genes i guess)


One big huge omelette.
We have 4 kids around, so the above few are the not so spicy dishes for them.


The adults enjoy their spicy veg. The sambal "Fan Su Ye". (Sweet potato leaves)

Sambal Han Zi Hio

Another dish for the adults, sambal sotong. Nicely done, not rubbery at all. :-)

Sambal Sotong

I mentioned economical. The above dishes, all quite decent sized dishes, fed 7 adults and 4 kids and it costs $87.70.

Very satisfying dinner.

Ga-Hock Seafood
794 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 678175
Tel: 6314 57 25

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Noodlegirl said...

OH my god you know your site makes me want to either just save all my money and go back to Singapore to eat or seriously just learn to cook the food!

Noodlegirl said...

Oh I forgot to tell you there is a Singapore/Malaysia Resturant in Hawaii and they are pretty good!. The wierd thing is that she does not have a menu she makes different things everyday. There is also a Indian/Malaysian Resturant that is very popular I used to go to it all the time too When I got back I will take pics and show you!

southernoise said...

one of my favourite chze char to nom nom nom nom with the memberrrssss!

Unknown said...

Save your money and come back and learn how to cook! After that remember to bring back all the ingredients. hehe..

next time nom nom there, call me too! :-P

Unknown said...

Greetings from Canada,

Wow, this Ga-Hock place the food is cheap and good. Glad you enjoyed the meal.


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