Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ikoi @ Miramar Hotel

Been meeting up with many groups of friends these two weeks. Oh well, catching up with friends over meals are always very heartwarming and tummy-warming too. :-p

This was a group who liked Japanese Food. I am so shocked that skinny ladies can eat so so so much! The way they can order sashimi is just amazing! Ladies eat so gently and gracefully that you can't imagine it's them that finished most of the food below....

Ikoi @ Miramar Hotel

When we got seated, we were served this Salmon Sashimi.
It's to be eaten without adding anything else. It's delicious!

Salmon Starter

This was one of the many many many 'boats' of sashimi that the group of 7 ate.

Sashimi Boat


Soft Tofu

Grilled Saba.
I always like this fish. (I know many people don't like this because of its fishy smell, but I like. LOL)


I got so many of this tofu. The deep fried tofu photos turned out so ugly, so this cold tofu will represent its cousin. LOL...

Cold Tofu

Chicken wings.
I think 5 chickens were sacrificed.

Chicken Wings

Well, the chicken did not die in vain. The meat were used to served us lots of yakitori.


Oh, I like fish, but I don't like salmon fish head. But Mr R seems to love this so much. He ate it all plus the other plates.

The servers served us with many complimentary dishes, and this is one of them. (ie not in the menu)

Salmon Head

I think I might be the only one who was ordering and eating salad. The ladies only go for sashimi.

Tuna Salad

Assortment of vegetable tempuras.

Assortment of Tempuras

Ebi Tempura. I think I only had one. Must watch what I eat. LOL
The ladies just ate on.... and on.... and on....

Tempura Ebi

The Teapot Soup. I always like this. But we realise a few ladies hate this. Ms Ant is one of them. For every cup of soup I had, I think she had a bowl of fried rice!

Pot Tea

Shishamo. I don't like fish eggs. I did not touch them. LOL...

Shishamo (Smelt)

Another complimentary dish. Soup was nice. Ms Ant did not touch it as well. Yeah. fishy... LOL..

Salmon Soup

Miss Ant however had lots and lots of Tako.

More Tako

I saw they had Oden and I ordered one bowl. This Japanese Yong Tau Foo is quite nice :-)


Many other dishes we had. What a wonderful lunch.

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant
Miramar Hotel
401 Havelock Road
Singapore 169631

Tel: 68873788
Hours: Mon-Sun: 11.30am-2pm, 6pm-11pm

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Jing Min said...

Hi, I love reading your blog since it always makes me salivate! Good blog.

So did ya go for the Ikoi ala carte buffet? How much was it?

Are there alot of food items? And was the quality gd?

Is it really true that to dine in Ikoi, need to book way advance?!?!

Thanks cos had been dying to try Ikoi since quite long ago.

HairyBerry said...

OMG! that's one helluva spread! cant think of anything that was not ordered...hehehe

merry xmas and happy new year, dude!

Unknown said...

Hi Jingzz,
Ya, we went for the buffet. Think we paid $35 each.

The food items quite ok. Too many items might mean it will not be too fresh right? The sashimi's quite fresh. The ladies in our group just ate plates and plates of sashimi!

A friend did the booking. Not sure how long in advance he booked it though. Just call them up and ask :-)

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas to you too!

We did not order many other things. haha.. stomach's not that big! LOL..

adel said...

I was there a while ago. I like their a la carte style buffet, no need to walk around to 'salvage' the freshly prepared food.
Gotta go back there one day!
Here's my review if u r interested..

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