Saturday, May 10, 2008

Big Eater Restaurant @ Upper Changi Road

Last night, I went for another Makan Gathering. This group is a gathering of friends that has links with a little town called Batu Pahat. We usually think it's a small little town, but do you know that it's the second biggest town in Johor and its physical area is bigger than Singapore.

Yes, even the Singapore Musical "Beauty World" has a main character in the story that originates from Batu Pahat.

This makan gathering was decided over Facebook. Long story short, we decided that we will meet at Big Eater Restaurant. It was meeting of friends that we have not met for like 10 over years! (ya ya, the facebook thingy again.. ) We were laughing, chatting, eating and some drinking all the way from 8pm till nearly midnight!

So what did we eat? All the dishes were recommended by the restaurant based on their popularity. We were peeping around looking at other tables too. Ya, everyone seems to be eating almost the same yummy stuff. So here it is, the food that we had in order of appearance on our table.

Stir Fried French Beans. I am a big fan of french beans so anything french beans is yummy to me.

Next was the drunken prawns. Everyone loved the flavour of the rich soup. The soup was gone before all the prawns.

Next dish that posed for our cameras were the BBQ Pork Ribs. We were earlier been mesmerized by the aroma of it that came in a claypot from the next table. When ours arrived, hey! no claypot. We sulked for 1 minute then like little children, we forgot about it and devour our food as usual.

Next dish that came was the KL Style Hokkien mee. Hey, if you are a lard lover, this is the dish for you! Full of the crispies. (yeah you know what right?) Every spoon that I put in my mouth, there was the crunchy bits of it.

Have said it once and am saying it again, lard has no trans fat. LOL... But still eat in moderation ok?

The reason we came here was that we heard the crabs here was good. We had 6 persons and we had the dilemma of deciding, 1 big crab or 2 small crabs. What would you choose? We decided to have 2 smaller ones cooked in 2 different styles! So clever right? :-)

This is their famous Salted Egg crab. Yeah you can see the yoke of the salted egg above the shell. Sinful.... Yeah it was tasty, but I thought the next one was better.

The Black Peppered Crabs. We did a CSI on the sauce and found out that they use cili padi to make this dish extra spicy. So its a combi of pepper and cili padi that made it fiery.

Food in the company of friends always makes it enjoyable, especially when we all had a common link.

If you want to read a more detail description of each dish and what we think, hop on to Camemberu's blog. Yup, she was there too. I always enjoy reading her reviews.

34 Jalan Pari Burong (Upper Changi Road)
Picardy Garden
Singapore 488700
Tel: 6245-7268

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Crunchasarus Rex said...

Yummy..!!! love the crabs..!

Kenny Mah said...

Oh, dude, you crack me up... You must be the only person I know who can recommend lard bits by saying it has no trans-fat!!! LOL.

(Okay, to be fair, you did say eat in moderation, haha.)

Suddenly I have a craving for lardbits-laden Hokkien Mee with loads of trans-fatty potato chips... :P

southernoise said...

when is the next one! hahaha.... at the rate its going... monthly > fortnightly > weekly!

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