Tuesday, May 20, 2008

PeraMakan @ Keppel Club (Desserts)

Let's continue with the desserts. I shall try creative writing today OK?

Some people love it, some hate it. It's the Durian Penget. Oh the stink that fills the air when the dessert was served. (You can guess which side of the fence I am on) Half the table felt the most pleasant aroma filling the room, half the table was gasping for air.

Hey, pure D24, gula melaka, coconut milk proclaimed the staff who took our orders. We are proud of it, people are coming back because they know it's the real stuff.

Humans were born good, but when they discovered Durians, they fell. They were devouring and hunting for durians, their aim in life is all about durians. They cared about nothing else. The angels watched in disgust as humans put that nasty stuff in their mouths, feeding their addiction to satisfy their human lust.

A secret battle was raging. Durians loving humans verses anti durian angels. Who will win?

The angels were thinking of ways to win back the fallen humans. The angels presented the Chendol. The generous golden brown gula melaka on the smooth shaven ice is to lure humans back and turn away from evil. Come back prodigal son, come back.

The layers of treasure below, red beans, green neon looking strings of cendol, rich virgin press coconut milk. Will humans repent?

Stirring the mixture, the treasure floats up. A spoonful of this is fed to humans. They immediately felt the sweetness of the gula melaka blending in smoothly with the coconut milk with ice shavings, chendol and red beans. Their warm mouth cools instantly. Their throat being lubricated with chilled coconut milk. The humans shows signs of turning back.

The angels was scheming lot. The angels know they need to warm the human hearts. So they ordered warm desserts. The secret weapon: Bubur Terigu. They say wheat is addictive. Wheat made into all kinds of food makes human addicted. Wheat in gula melaka and coconut milk will surely do the trick!

Never mind it looks pretty plain. The angels just need to put one scoop of this into the human's mouth! It worked! The humans after tasted this, kept asking for more. The angels could see that the humans became quite emotional. Food like this invoke memories of their childhood. Their parents bringing back a metal container of terigu, the children eagerly looking at their mum scooping into their rooster design porcelain bowls, making sure every bowl has the exact quantity of the bubur. Hoping the last scoop goes into their bowl. Angels saw that the human almost saw tears coming out.

Aha! The humans are becoming emotional. They are most vulnerable at this moment. The angels knew they need to fuel the emotions. They served the humans Pulut Hitam. Black glutinous rice in gula melaka and coconut milk.

Giving it a few gentle stir, the bowl of dark purplish and white liquid on top transform itself into a light purple mixture. (pardon the yellow lighting)

Aha. This stuff is potent! The warm mixture will definitely get them addicted to it. The taste of gula melaka and coconut milk must be a lethal combination that can get many people hooked. (even angels get hooked to this stuff) Forget drugs. Human gluttons get hooked to good food! The small bits of the glutinous rice gives it some bite that massages their tongue too. Almost there.....

Oh no. The humans had earlier ordered durian puffs and it arrived just when we thought we could win them over. Looks like the angels lost to puffs filled with pure D24 ammo. When the humans ate it, the durians immediately blinded them. It was as if a thick veil that covered them from the truth and righteousness. They went back to living in sin and they indulge in earthly food orgies. What went wrong?!

Humans won, angels lost.

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Anonymous said...

eeewwwueeee!!! for me, its a love-hate relationship w DA DURIAN. i love a little of it, I hate it when it overkills the taste.

nevertheless, "I REPENT! I REPENT!" pass me the terigu, heck, juz give me plain water! ha ha ha

(u must hv spent a lot of time writing this piece, no daily pix on your other blog ;-P)


Nic (KHKL) said...

err, i dun take durian...so, does that make me an angel? hehehe...

what a dessert orgy you got there! one that i wont mind participating in ;>

angel, o angel, fuel me up with thy pulut hitam! hehe...

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Omgz.. The way you took all the pictures are awesome! Simple foods become like high-class foods.
Wish i hv the chance to go there and try it =)

Anonymous said...

hmm i must say i prefer your usual writing style tho..which is so much more down to earth and clear cut.. great pictures anw!

wei said...

They are look great! Is it expensive btw?
This is a must try when I get back!

Crunchasarus Rex said...

I want the durian puffs..!!

Camemberu said...

OMG so many desserts!!! Looks like their effect on you has been more potent than alcohol! Never seen you write this way before! :D

ST said...

juz wondering if u know of a peranakan restaurant @turf city? tried to surf 4 it & called up turf city, but it's closed alrdy. any idea where is it now?

Keropok Man said...

Not very sure, have not been to that restaurant. But I did a search on "Simply Peranakan" the name of the shop that was in Turf City, a few entries came out. You can try to call them up and see :-)

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