Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mr Bean Ice Cream @ NUH

A few colleagues had the urge for chicken feet for lunch today. A nearby, cheap and decent chicken feet would be the Kopitiam at NUH Kent Ridge Wing. But alas, the 'auntie' that we used to buy from said, they are not selling it anymore! There goes our staff discounted pricing of $1.60 per steamer chicken feet . Where in Singapore can you get chicken feet for that price? Arrghhh....

NUH is becoming more and more like a shopping mall! We actually did some shopping at the pharmacies! (Both at the Kent Ridge Wing Pharmacy and also the Main Building Pharmacy.) It was as if the Great Singapore Sale is in the pharmacy!

It was raining, so while waiting for the rain to stop, a colleague 'almond jelly' asked if we wanted to try the Soya Bean Ice Cream? Ooo.. we did not know that Mr Bean sells ice cream now!

It's like soya bean milk! Very smooth as well. Not too sweet and texture is good too. We like it! Oh ya, notice the cone? It's the sugar cone or what some people call the 'aladdin cone', and not the KFC/Macs kind.

It says reduced sugar, reduced fat. So, eat without guilt! (It's 4.79g of fat per serving!)

$1.20 a cone. (If you happen to have a NUH, NUS staff card, you get 10% off)

Mr Bean
National University Hospital
Main Lobby 1, #01-07,
4 Lower Kent Ridge Road,
Singapore 119074

Another addition to the collection of ice cream on this blog :-)

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Anonymous said...

Looks tempting...

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

Ooh, I saw a Mr. Bean outlet two weeks ago when I was in town (we don't have it here in KL). And now guilt-free (almost lah) ice-cream? Gonna try the next time I drop by... ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Keropokman,

I love chicken feet too. Awww, a pity about the loss of your cheap favorite! Anyways, I saw this new shop just outside an exit of Outram Park MRT. It sells stuff like chicken feet, duck feet, duck necks etc! Maybe you could do a review on it? The exit is the one leading to Pearl's Centre.


HisFoodBlog said...

This is my favourite guilt free ice-cream. I will have my lunch at KK Hospital and grab a cone from them after that.

The texture is so smooth and I like it because it is not so sweet. Although KK hosital has Macs and 7-11, which offers cheaper ice cream cone, I always end up eating this!

Anonymous said...

i usually can't resist getting a cone whenever i spot an outlet! sadly - no outlet nearby my office, else it wud make a cheap/healthier choice of after-lunch dessert!!

Camemberu said...

Hmmm, wonder if I can make this at home! :) Probably too much work!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Mr Bean sells soya ice cream since 2 years ago... at I had it since 2 years ago. :o taste healthy!! :)

Li Yen

ohsolicious said...

Its the best 'soy-cream' around! And awfully light and low fat to boot! What's not to like. Their fruit-soy shakes are pretty good too. The basically blend frozen chunks of fruit with soy milk and ta-da!
I can't believe I just found this food blog!! Good job here, will definitely make it my weekly read!!

Keropok Man said...

it is tempting isn't it?

put it in your to do in Spore list. it will grow very very long. hehe.

will look out for it when I am nearby. must tell my colleague about it. ;-)

You are another person who go to hospital to eat too? hehe...

Let's hope it opens one near your office soon.

Yes you can! Maybe an ice cream machine soon? hehe..

Li Yen,
I am a bit outdated. Only discovered it that day I ate it.

you can make it a daily read. LOL. there's something here daily!

voraciousbookworm said...

Hey, I was blog-hopping and found this blog post. I also love Mr. Bean soy ice-cream... not to mention the little mascot is adorable! I haven't had it in months, though, since I only visited Singapore in the summer and they don't have it in Canada, where I live :(

Keropok Man said...

Come and visit during winter too!
I think you can make it at home if you have an ice cream machine ;-)

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