Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sun Asian Bistro @ NUS Staff Club

You probably have not heard of the NUS Staff Club having a makan place right? You are most probably only familiar with the NUS Canteens, famous for its delicious and cheap food.

Around two weeks ago, a new restaurant opened and a few of us curious gluttons decided to go take a look today. The place is called Sun Asian Bistro and its located at the Staff Club. Chatting with Mr Felix, we think should be the manager, (we did not ask him who he is) he said they are part of the Kriston Catering group and this is their first 'higher end' venture.

This might be the most comfortable place in the whole staff club! Plush cushions and pillow if you choose certain seats. Oh yes, the swimming pool view is still there too. Yes, some people enjoy eating and looking at hunks and babes at the pool below. LOL...

We casually asked if there's discount for Staff Club members or NUS Staff, since the restaurants in staff club has traditionally offered discounts. We were told: 50% for Staff Club members and 20% for NUS Staff. WHAT?! 50% off? Yes. The discount is for the first 2 weeks. Which means it ends tomorrow. (People in NUS, hurry down. haha...)

We tried the Soup of the day which was Cream of Mushroom. $4 It was quite good. You get really get to taste the mushroom. The minestrone soup $4, was also quite decent.

Ya, when we heard about the 50%, we started to order more. LOL. (We are so 'xian shi' right? haha..) So, we ordered 2 starters. First came the Shrimp Paste Chicken $10.90. Quite nicely done. Crispy outside, not really oily and moist inside.

Next was the Hearthy Platter. $10.90. OK lah. It was not bad, but the chicken was better.

Then for main courses, we tried the following.

Our boss joined us today, and he had "Wok Char Salmon". $15.90. Yes, it's high end place and the food were all like pieces of art. Quoting from its menu: Pan seared soy butter marinated salmon topped with sauteed leek & wild mushroom served with garlic mashed potato. Boss says it was good.

Another colleague, 'old cat' had the 'Deep Ocean Catch Seafood' $15.90. He looks satisfied with his food. With his usual glee on his face. LOL.
Seafood treasure in coco sauce served with garlic mashed potato & ratatoullie. What is coco sauce? We tasted it, it was some tangy sauce. Goes well with the seafood I guess.

Wire and Puk both ordered "Greenland & Sea Collection" $25.90
A combination of char-broiled tenderloin with pan seared herb marinated prawn served with charred veg & seasoned potato. We were impressed by the deco. Really, we never expect something like this to be in NUS.

This is the other plate. Two person had two different experiences. Both ordered medium rare. Wire's was exactly medium rare. Puk's medium done. LOL... Both said the taste was good.

Ms Preggy had the Mediterranean Chicken Roulade. $15.90
Comes with Saffron rice & asparagus, baby carrot dizzled with taragon sauce.
Again, we were impressed by the presentation.

I also had the same thing. The chicken's nice, but the saffron rice needs some improvement. Rice's a bit hard.

For our dessert, USA Cheese Cake. $4. Not bad. Might come back for more next time.

English Brownie. $4. Warm brownie and Ice Cream on top. Boss likes it. I would have preferred it to be more chocolatey and sticky. hehe..

Blueberry Mousse. $4. Taste like jam was what everyone said, but we still wallop it all. Something different.

This is the Chocolate Truffle Cake. $4. The like what we saw. Looks nice ya? It taste good too.

The place is not official launched, it's still on 'trial run' according to Felix. He asked us to give him feedback and we did. He gladly accepted what we said. Ah... this place "you qian tu".

We shall come back in a few weeks and see how much it has improved. We are all curious about whether the discount will continue. LOL.

Subtotal was $165.10, with 50% off at $82.60, plus taxes etc, the final bill was $90.85

Sun Asian Bistro
NUS Staff Club
10 Lower Kent Ridge Crescent
National University of Singapore
Singapore 119260
Tel: 6776 6315

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Kenny Mah said...

Hahah, methinks the place definitely "you qian tu" if it manages to keep drawing makan kakis like you back for more! ;)

Camemberu said...

WOW what a FEEEEAST!!! and at 50 per cent off, what a great deal!!!

the first picture already won me over! lol

tigerfish said...

50% off ...good leh! Must get to know some NUS staff...or better still NUS staff club members...heh heh :P

Crunchasarus Rex said...

Wow..!! everything looks so yummy..!!

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