Friday, May 09, 2008

Sun Asian Bistro @ NUS Staff Club (II)

Guess what? Colleagues came in at lunch hour and said, hey let's go try it out again. Yesterday's with the 50% off. Haha.. All of us said ya ya.. We realise that we are not the only ones enticed by the deal. We saw others who was there yesterday also eating here today. LOL...

Since we tried the Mushroom Soup yesterday from colleague's bowl, we all decided we shall all have 1 each today.

Had wanted to try the Asian dishes, but today their Asian part of the menu is not available because the chef has been 'booked' to a special function that someone has booked.

We had the Shrimp paste winglet again as we liked what we tried yesterday. We also had a diff starter and had the sausage starter.

So, I tried the Fish and Chips today. Quite all right. With the soup, and eating two big pieces of fish, I could not finish the chips. (colleague said 'mai ke ke lah..' LOL)

Old Cat had the seafood pasta. If you follow this blog, you would have realised that our colleague who we call 'old cat' has been eating seafood. We thought cats only love fish. LOL

"Wire" had what we called the playboy pasta. Dont you think it looks like the playboy logo? We realise that the chef in this place is really creative. Every dish is served so beautifully.

Ms Preggy's urge for food today was bread it seems. She had the Club Sandwich. Looks delicious eh? We wonder... who determines the urge that she has. The baby in the tummy or is it her? Hmmm...

"Pilot" and "Puk" both had the chicken I had yesterday. It seems that they heard what we told them yesterday. The saffron rice is very good today. Ah... They hear us. LOL..

Some peep into the place. There is this huge chairs in the middle. Artsy Fartsy right?

The other corner has what is called the working people's corner. They have power sockets for those who wants to work with their notebooks. Ya, we are techies here, we scanned the Wifi around and found 2 networks. One belongs to the restaurant and one the NUS Wifi.

In case you wondered, we took the normal tables :-)
It was snap, eat and go back to rush deadlines. Maybe during non peak times, we might come here to relax with the seats with the big pillows.

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mama bok said...

Very nice..!! some more got 50% .. !!! to die for lah..!

Kenny Mah said...

Hehe, I love how you and your colleagues headed there with the 50% off in mind, only to bump into the same folks with the same agenda there as well!

Ah, but it ain't worth nothing if the food ain't good, no? So, that's the most important bit, and by the looks of it, they sure got that right! ;)

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