Friday, May 30, 2008

relish by wildrocket @ Cluny Court (The Mains)

For the mains, we realise that Beef Burger on the set lunch is Grilled Beef Burger with black pepper sauce on the a-la-carte menu. 3 of us decided to have it as set meals, 1 person had it as a-la-carte. $18 if ordering as a-la-carte.

It was tasty, but they were a bit too 'generous' with the black peppercorns. We did not particularly like to bite on black peppercorns while eating our burgers. ;-)

We also like the fries. Ya, we liked the fries. It was the thick chunky kind.

We know when it comes to food, everyone has different taste, but today, we did find something in common. While we liked the burger, we found that the patty is a bit crumbly. (i.e. it crumbles into bits and pieces of mince meat if you bite it or cut it) It makes it a bit challenging to eat. Wonder if it's only today's patty. Everyone seems to be raving about this place, but we find it just ok, maybe a bit higher than most with a higher price too.

'Wire' had the Mexicana Beef Burger $18. He seem to enjoy it, much more than the black pepperians. LOL..

'Pirate', the person who asked us to come here had the BBQ Char Siew Pork Open Burger $19. OK, it smells good.

'Almond Jelly' had the Seafood Burger with Lemon Mayo. $19.

This is Ms Preggy's Spiced Lamb Pitta Burger w Mint hommus. $19

The rear view. ;-)

Total bill was $218 for 8 persons.
"old cat" is on one of this happy mood days. happy mood days = lunch on him days. LOL. Thanks for the treat!

relish by wildrocket
#02-01 Cluny Court (next to Serene Centre)
501 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259760
Tel: 67631547

(picture looks dark, as I was sitting on the wrong side of the room. too lazy to change seats and we were busy eating...)

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brian koh said...

always loved Relish! i had the Ramly Burger last time, messy as heck, but oh so good!

Camemberu said...

Wow the kong bak burger, I mean, BBQ char siew pork open burger looks really over the top! *resolve melting*

Anonymous said...

The burgers are awfully tall! How do you fit it into your mouths?


Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

Good gosh... them some burgers aren't they? And nikeez? I dunno about you, but I sure can fit it in my BIgbigBIG mouth! Hehe... *drools*

benita said...

HEY! I went on Thursday too - but at night. Saw a celeb there.

I had the seafood one. The 'patty' was very nice, but the lemon sauce got to me after a while... My vegan friend's portabello burger wasn't much to shout about though.

Anonymous said...

erm...u seem to have good food all the time envious...

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