Friday, May 16, 2008

Niqqi's The Cheese Prata Shop @ Clementi Road

My younger sis said she wanted to eat Roti Prata. It was around 10 pm. So where can we havee Prata at this hour and near to us? Clementi Road!

Sis had Egg and Onion Prata. The photo was kinda blur and dark, so not posting it here.

But this is the Roti Tissue that was also ordered. I think everyone and anyone will love Roti Tissue.

I had chicken nasi pattaya. Had to wait some time for it.

This place is famous for its cheese prata, but we did not ordered it. Some other time maybe.

Where is your favourite Roti Prata / Canai shop?

(Roti Prata is known as Roti Canai in Malaysia.)

Niqqi's The Cheese Prata Shop
16/18 Clementi Road
Singapore 129747

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DK said...

That is my fave Prata store. Wah... go there never jio. :P

team bsg said...

we have discovered that the best roti canai (texture, taste and looks ) we had came from a Malay stall/shop in Trengganu and Sitiawan.

Finally the rookies have upstaged the masters !

We also know ( for a fact ) that the best Chinese seafood ( overall ) south of Thailand )comes from Spore, near that West Coast area.

Wonder if that remark is seditious ?

Camemberu said...

I have only been to Niqqi's once. Vaguely remember a mushroom prata or was it mushroom cheese... not bad but wish there was more "liao" inside!

Rachel said...

wah Singaporean food I have never tried!? I have never tried roti tissue nor nasi chicken pattaya. It looks like an omelette? but chicken nasi must mean it has chicken rice in it? please enlighten me!

tigerfish said...

Never really seriously had cheese prata before. Usually just stick to traditional one. :O

Anonymous said...

my family likes the prata shop at blk 320 (i think) the prata & gravy texture is good too...


Crunchasarus Rex said...

I never had such fanciful Prata when i was still living in Singapore.. ! now that i'm gone..!! they come out with all sorts of goodies.. ! bummer..!!

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