Sunday, May 04, 2008

Island Creamery @ Serene Centre

Ice cream again? Yes. The weather's hot hot hot!

Two days ago, colleague drove us to Adam Road to lunch, and after that, we headed next door to Island Creamery. The last time we were here was in Nov 2007. This time those who could not join us the last time came. hehe..

It's nice to be back. It's good to know that their prices remains the same! You can compare it with the photo here from Nov 2007. We hope they will maintain the price.

It was unlike our lunch, the same thing we ordered cost us $1 less previously. Yes, the Malay food we had went up by $1!!

We had 6 of us sharing 6 scoops of ice cream. One that our taste buds like was the Apple Pie!

OK, boh liao a bit. Here's some close up. haha...

Hot days these few days right? Go... have some ice cream.

Ice cream has calcium, so it prevents osteoporosis! :-p

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Blur Angel said...

U've been eating quite a bit of ice creams lately huh? yeah .. i know .. cos the weather is so so so hot!! :) i want to meet up with u !! join u for ice cream sessions!!

carolyn said...

I love Island Creamery. ReversO is my fave flavor. I will always buy 1tub home when I am there.

Camemberu said...

My gosh, I can literally see the ice cream melting, especially teh chocolate one! lol

But waaah...your pictures are not helping in this heat...I need some ice cream now...maybe I will make some! Hubby bringing home a bottle of rum tonite, so I'm hoping to make rum & raisin soon!

Anonymous said...

i heard that their most popular flavour is teh-tarik.. :P
try it next time!

Anonymous said...

You know har... all your food posts har... you actually make me wish I live in Singapore leh... which will have all my friends staring at me cos I've always said the Lion City is too small for my liking. Go figure.

Terrer lah you then. ;)

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