Saturday, May 03, 2008

Ben & Jerry @ Vivocity

Oh no.. Ice cream post again. haha.. It seems once you start you can't stop. This was
taken on Apr 30. Why? Apr 29 was the Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day. We did not want to queue for it. There's just too many people queuing. So the next day, we all came to have our Ben & Jerry outing day. haha...

One colleague had a single cone.
Another colleague ordered this. Cookies with ice cream.

Three other guys, we shared this 3 scoop thingy. With colourful toppings!

Did anyone queue for the Ben & Jerry Free Cone Day?

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Kenny Mah said...

Ga... so unfair that we don't have Ben & Jerry's here in KL! :(

*looks at ever-expanding waistline*

Then again, maybe this is a good thing... :P

eastcoastlife said...

I didn't know about the Free Cone Day! :(

Anonymous said...

yes I did!

Miso said...

Heard that a total of 7000 cones given out on that day! Imagine the queue!!

Rachel said...

haha 29th April is my hubby's birthday. Hopefully we are in Singapore next year and he can "treat" everyone a free ice cream! Too bad Aust has no ben and jerry's :(

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