Monday, May 12, 2008

Vietnamese Grilled Pork Chop Noodles @ Business Canteen

This is only available on Wednesday at the Vietnamese Stall in the NUS Business Canteen.

I wanted to try this for some time, but never got to this canteen on a Wednesday. Last Wednesday, colleagues and I made a trip there and got to try it. The reason I wanted to try it is because the Vietnamese students seems to be always ordering it. Why? Why? Curious to find out why they like it so much?

It looks simple isn't it? It also looks kinda dry. But....

When you lift up the 'frills' on top, you see this deliciously grilled pork chop.
Looks normal, but somehow, the whatever marinate they use and makes these few pieces of grilled meat taste so delicious.

When you order they pour a scoop of 'liquid' over the dry noodles. This 'liquid' or sauce taste very addictive. Its a mix of fish sauce, lime juice and other ingredients that I can't really decipher at the moment. (Good excuse to eat it again).

The crisp lettuce, strings of carrots and cucumber slices make it very healthy and light. The cold noodles makes it quite appetizing as well. This is it all mixed up. After mixing, it does not taste dry at all.

Yup, the price is only $2.50. I should make a trip there again.

Colleagues and I are beating the inflation by eating cheaper food these few days. NUS Canteens seems like a good place to hunt for food this week. All the students have finished their exams and is staying away. :-)

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mama bok said...

Wow..!! awesome pricing..!! i can eat there everyday.. :)

Kenny Mah said...

Hmm, I think I have a new penchant for Vietnamese and Japanese food... cleaner and healthier, no? :)

And yay for you and your colleagues beating the Inflation! (Isn't S'pore branding certain eateries or food stalls that offer affordable eats?)

Rachel said...

That dish is one of my favourites here in Aus. They often also have some spring rolls in there but the noodles seem to be the thick bee hoon whereas over here it is thinner bee hon. Nonetheless, I find this dish very nice especially for summer. I think this is known as Bun Thit Nuong in vietnamese. Hehe but $2.50 is a bargain price because its about $8.50 AUD here!

Momo said...

Rachel, you are right! Now that you mentioned it. The pork chop looks like the one eaten in Springvale in Melb :)

Camemberu said...

OMG this looks so good!!!!

I love Vietnamese food but so far haven't blogged any!

Apparently the Vietnamese pork chop is made with burnt sugar water!

Keropok Man said...

mama bok,
me too! haha.. but got to travel a bit there.

vietnamese has lots of fish sauce in most food, hmmm is it healthier? but i know its yummier! LOL

ya, read something about it, putting up a website about pricing of food in diff places. must do a search on it!

ah.. thanks for the viet name of the dish. ya, i remember the food in Aust was always $6 - $8. i had a shock when i went over there to study and had to eat $8 laksa! but got used to it i guess.

or the ones in Richmond or Swanston St!

ah.. u are the expert. burnt sugar water, must ask you how to do that!

Jessica Chu said...

Yup! I'm a vietnamese student and I order this dish every Wed . Glad u guys like it

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