Friday, May 02, 2008

MOF Japanese Gelato @ Raffles City Shopping Centre

Sis was in an ice cream mood. Remember the Jap food posted two days ago? She wanted something sweet and light after the meal. We actually walked past Canele and wanted to go in, but after waiting for 10 mins in front of the 'Please wait to be seated' sign, we walked away. (A few friends commented that that sign is meant to be ignored. Everyone just walks in they want a place if you want to get a seat. aiyo!)

Anyway, we walked past the Ministry of Food (MOF) kiosk that sells gelato. It says trans-fat free, preservative free enough to tempt sis. haha..

The Azuki Bean gelato she had on a waffle cone.

Mine's on a cup. Very light tasting melon flavour.

Sis colleague - Ms S, had the Japanese Tea and Red Bean on a cone.

Looks yummy right? Sorry not sure about the price, Thanks for Ms S for the gelato. She insisted on paying after I paid for dinner. hehe..

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Kenny Mah said...

Oh the green tea and red bean looks good. Must head here next time I'm in the Lion City. And the name is sheer genius ... Ministry of FOOOOOOOOD!!! Lol.

(Okay, don't mind me, I'm insane when it comes to gelato...)

Camemberu said...


tea said...

I agree the green tea with red beans looks great. I miss green tea ice cream, its been to long.

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