Sunday, May 18, 2008

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao @ Holland Village

This was Saturday's lunch. We brought youngest sis and future BIL to have La Mian. We were deciding which chinese food to try and sis decided on la mian.

For starter, we had white pork wrapped in cucumber and carrots. We thought it was suppose to be a cold dish, but it was hot. Hmm. Anyway, it taste quite OK.

We had the Peking Duck as well. These things are expensive in UK. So, here's a treat for them.

We were amazed at the lady sliced the skin off with a cleaver and at the same time. This is before the duck got 'skinned'.

After being 'skinned', it was wrapped for us.

We had quite a lot of pieces to eat. I am kinda addicted to the sweetish paste. You can see that I spread it on the outside too.

We also ordered the Xiao Long Bao. (This restaurant is called XLB right? )
While we were having this, the next table with a 3 English Ladies sat down and ordered this as well. Sorry to eavesdrop, but the younger of the 3 ladies were speaking quite loudly, playing host to 2 other ladies in their 60s. She must be quite excited to introduce the food to her visitors. She told them, you should try this dumplings and the noodles.

When their XLB came, oh goodness, the younger lady was teaching the two other older ones how to eat. Guess how it was eaten? They took the XLB to their plate and break the skin of the XLB. After that, they drained the soup inside and ate it without the soup. Oh no! Wasting the soup in the XLB. We were like shocked. We wanted to tell the 3 ladies that you are suppose to put the XLB in your spoon, pricked it, drink the soup and then eat the XLB. But we could not bare to embarrass the lady and her guest.

It was quite funny though. She lady was 'wayang-ing' (acting) the whole time, pretending she was the expert. We were quite entertained.

We also ordered the 'red' version of XLB. It's XLB with chilli oil and vinegar. yum...

This is the rest of the Peking Duck. Sis wanted La Mian, so we had Fried La Mian.
While eating we were thinking, maybe we should have asked for the duck drum sticks and wings to be cut out for us earlier. The yummy skin on the drumsticks and wings, where did it go? LOL... Only duck meat stripes were in the noodles.

Have a nice long weekend ahead.

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