Monday, May 05, 2008

Tom Ton @ The Central

Few days ago, a few colleagues and I wanted to go eat at Tekka Market just before it is closed for the next years. While traveling there, we somehow got distracted and decided to have Japanese food instead. We had a colleague who had earlier told us about his dinner at Tom Ton the previous night.

You know you get very into it, especially when it's about food and you are hungry. So without hesitation, we hop off the train. We were exactly at Clarke Quay station too. It's a sign! LOL..

This colleague is a frequent diner there. He knows the chef and even the ladies taking orders know him. She recommended that we try Saba sashimi.

Have you wondered what the tiny chrysanthemum flower is on the plate for? Well, it's imported from Japan and its edible! You are suppose to pluck the petals and put it in the sauce and wasabi and coat the sashimi with it, with a bit of spring onions too. It's very fragrant!

It's deliciously smooth and got good texture. It's almost like having the cooked mackeral that mum cooks for us. But this is raw. Oooo... yummy! Yes... as usual, we were talking about how for the price that we paid for this, how mum could have fed the whole family with this and how mum fries them. (We all realise, our mums seems to cook things the same way. haha..)

We also shared the soft shell crab. It was nicely done. It does not have the oily taste and it is not flat too. You know how some places, it's so so flat!

Then this is what we had too. The famous Kurobuta - Black Pig Tonkatsu.
We had shared this piece of pork loin that is so nicely done.

Look at the fat in it! Our colleague was boasting to us that when he comes alone, the chef will choose the choice part where there is a thin slice of fat in between the meat.

No, we did not get special preference as our colleague who eats here alone. haha.. Some of you know Tonkichi right? The chef here was from there. But here, he prepare the tonkatsu with Kurobuta!

We are to dip it in this tonkatsu sauce.
It seems that people in different part of Japan eats it with different sauce. Our colleague had his personal saucer of miso paste served for him without asking!

It was delicious. That is the shared items we had. Tomorrow, will post up the individual dishes we had.

Hope your Monday was not blue. It was a mad rush today for me. Too many things, too little time. See you tomorrow.

Oh yes, the Canele meet up thingy that some of you suggest we have with Camemberu. Yes its coming up, we just have to find a time where all can meet ;-)

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Nic (KHKL) said...

wow! look at those saba! for a moment i thought they were cooked! lol!

canele meet up? when? when? haha!

Kenny Mah said...

Oooh... the chrysanthemum petals did me in. So beautiful! Very the cool... Now, if I use local flowers (I mean local chrysanthemum, not bunga raya lar) can eat oso or not??

Camemberu said...

Ooh finally the pictures from Tomton! Crispy battered kurobuta - good that they used that metal rest thing, so it doesn't get soggy! :D

Hey Nic, come join us for the Canele outing!

Psst...I am not, I'm! lol

tigerfish said...

Look like another chow down to come. So lucky.

Saba sashimi - that's quite unusual.

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