Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sushi Tei @ VivoCity

The eating adventure follows. Sis who is visiting wanted to have Japanese on Friday night. She and her other half had spent their day in Sentosa. After that, they met up with other sis and shop for some girlie stuff (cosmetics etc..)

The family met up with them and out of the 5 Jap places in Vivo City, we settled for Sushi Tei. We had a few things, but these are the more interesting looking ones.

The wasabi caterpillar. It somehow always catches your attention doesn't it?

We always seem to like this. The Unagi wrapped with egg. The warm egg always feels so so good in your mouth!

The handrolls. The softshell crab and minced tuna roll.

This is another of our favourite. The baked scallops. We like the saltish mayo cream thingy on top of it. You know those that you wish you can lick off the shell. hehe.

We also had a grill fish.

Also the teapot soup.

OK, you can peep what's inside. ;-)

We tried the seafood version of the spicy hot pot. It seems to taste nicer than the chicken one we had a few post earlier.

Thanks to our future bro-in-law who treated us dinner. ;-)

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Lady Demeter said...

looks tasty, I'd like to try it! :)

Anonymous said...

wooooh love softshell crabs, always tempted to order it when it appears on the menu.

are u gonna pack for your sis some instant sauce mixes like asian home cuisines, it's easy to replicate local dishes when she goes back.


mama bok said...

I could use a future bro in law like that too.. :)

edamame said...

Oh,Susi!It is very individual sushi.I am interested in the food culture of your country so that you are so.And I support your site. If there is time, please come in my site. From Japan

the hungry cow said...

What a coincidence! The wasabi caterpillar attracted me enough to give it a shot too. Haha. Cute lah.

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