Monday, May 26, 2008

Haagen Dazs @ Vivo City

It's been sometime since we stepped into Haagan Dazs. Instead of having a birthday cake, we had a fondue with candle on it. Yes, this was aunt's 'birthday cake'. ;-)

The last time we had the fondue at HD, it did not look like this. They have changed the presentation of it. It looks nicer now, with pound cake and biscuits too. (prices have changed too)

But these are the little treasures that we love....

Hmmm is it because we are playing with food, that we feel good?

Have a good week ahead.

Haagan Dazs VivoCity
1 Harbourfront Walk #02-150
Tel: 6376 9886

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Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

Hmm... maybe fondues in Spore are the best? I had a nice choc fondue at The Coffee Club the last time I was there.

Anonymous said...

It's indeed a nice idea instead of birthday cake:D

Anonymous said...

i had this at vivo city HD too! yummie!

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