Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sun Asian Bistro @ NUS

A colleague seems to keep wanting to come here. (why? an internal circular informed that the 50% off thingy is extended till the end of May.)

So, today, almost all of our unit came. We had the same starters again. Yes, the Prawn Paste Chicken. Don't laugh, but we seem to be addicted to freshly fried fragrant chicken.

A few of us had the set meals. There was 3 sets and they had dessert, soup and starter to go with it. (The rest had the other food we tried)

This is set A. The Spicy Brinjal. It has a tofu side dish, spicy 'kiam chai' soup and watermelon as dessert.

Set B that 2 other colleague had was the Chicken. I think I should have ordered this. I love chicken like this!

Set C, is the seafood curry. I think 4 of us had this. Curry is nice and thick. But I wish there was more veg though.

Ms Preggy had the Asian Dishes that we did not get to eat the last time. It's the Bulgogi Miso Rice.

She said that it is not bad. It does look yummy.

Colleagues who had the western dishes said, head over to Aston's. :-)
The Asian dishes are better.

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Kenny Mah said...

Dude, you and your colleagues so well every day... I'm already moaning to mine how we suffer having only two lousy cafeterias nearby. :(

Anonymous said...

ye same here...there ain't such a nice restaurant...only bad western food like bread-.-

southernoise said...

one of these days before may the batu makan kakis should abuse your staff discount! :P

Keropok Man said...

yesterday's meal got sponsored by one colleague. LOL...

i am sure there are nice food around, just yet to be discovered.

are you choosy? :-p
ok ok just joking...

can... when when?

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