Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Local breakfast packed from Bukit Timah Food Centre

Last Sunday around noon, our youngest sis flew back to London. Just before she flew back, it was her last breakfast here. A few days ago she still had a short list of things yet to try.

After church, we walked over to Bukit Timah Food Centre and packed breakfast home. Here's some of the things we bought that was on her list.

Here's the Chwee Kueh that she wanted to eat. We bought 2 packs of 6 pieces at $1.50 each.

It's such a comfort food ya? Warm, soft yet firm steamed rice cakes. Topped with chai por that is so fragrant and yet not so salty. Add a bit of chilli. Oooo.... Satisfaction.

It's carbo and more carbo. Made also from rice flour and radish. Chai Tow Kueh. We know sis don't like the black version, so we queued up for the 'white' version. There are I think 3 or 4 stalls of CTK at Bukit Timah FC, we like this particular stall where our family thinks is the best. (Main staircase up, the 2nd aisle I think, I recognize the stall, but not the exact location.)

Another dish with Chai Por! The crispy eggs and skin on the outside, soft in the inside. We like it like that! We ordered a $4 and it was such a big pack.

We also had 'Ngor Hiong'. This mix of various fried stuff and century egg is my other sis fav. Yup, she queued up for this. We had 3 packs of bee hoon to share. $15

What a full breakfast we had.
Any of the above is your favourite comfort food too?

Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre
116 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 588172

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Anonymous said...

the chwee kweh and carrot cake looks good!!
-hungry at 3.49am

Anonymous said...

i loved a bowl of smooth tao huay & you tiao. to satisfy my carbs craving, i go for lor bee hoon.

too many favourites, wd so miss the food when away for long.


Anonymous said...

chwee kweh n white carrot cakes r my fav!!! yum....bloated...but still feel like eatin......

mama bok said...

Yes..!! they are all my favorite..!! i'm gonna die now.. :(

Anonymous said...

To the Author, I noticed you eaten restaurant food almost every day, may I know what's your monthly expenditure on food ? Just curious :)

team bsg said...

your sister has qualified to be an honorary life member of the

new team bsg

this day of hotness, yester morning


Rachel said...

oh yum! make me salivate! I can't get CTK here at all. Great photos and that certainly looks like very good CTK. Both CTK and chee kweh are a favourite food of mine. Must be the chai por in it ... too bad if I want must make it myself here in oz *sigh*

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